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“John understands stuttering and knows how important the mechanics of speaking are. He always goes above and beyond to help his patient get the fluency they want to achieve!”

Matt, Chicago based college student, Client 2014
“Thank you for changing my son’s life. Everyone has noticed a significant difference not only in his speech, but more importantly in his confidence and his desire and ability to speak with others. I am so grateful you came into my son’s life.”
Jan, Proud Parent of a Client, 2014
“After practicing many times in the past few days and doing my practice exercises, I think the interview went as great as it could have gone! At first I was a little shaky but once I was comfortable I could not stop talking, which was a nice surprise. I will find out late next week about another interview.
Thank you for your help, I never really felt this comfortable and confident after a phone call. Even if I do not get the position, I still feel like this was a major step up and a great accomplishment for me.”
Eric T., Sports Management Professional, 2014 Client
“I have dealt with speech disfluency for most of my life, but when it started interfering with my teaching duties I realized it was time to look for professional help. I was very fortunate to have found John, for his services have noticeably improved my speech both in professional settings and in my personal life. Today I speak with much more confidence, and the episodes of severe disfluency have reduced dramatically. I have found the focus on continuous and progressive improvement very helpful, and should help most people who are in a similar situation. ”
R.M., PhD., University Professor