Stuttering ProsFounded in 2009

Stuttering Pros was founded in 2009 as a private speech therapy clinic in Chicago to exclusively offer stuttering therapy for adolescents and adults. We use the two most widely accepted methodologies for stuttering therapy, which include Fluency Shaping and Stuttering Modification and we specialize in transferring fluent speech into everyday conversational speech. Stuttering therapy at our clinic is individualized to meet the exact needs of each person based on the severity of stuttering and their emotional reaction to the problem.

What sets stuttering therapy at Stuttering Pros apart from others?
1. Orchestra Speech©
2. Digital feedback for speaking rate
3. My Speech©
4. Use of modern technology to enhance therapy
5. Focus on and successful transfer of fluency into the real world

1. We developed a revolutionary method for teaching fluency skills called Orchestra Speech©. This multi-modality teaching strategy incorporates kinesthetic learning into the development of fluency skills, which helps individuals acquire fluent speech quickly and ultimately helps them develop and maintain self-evaluation skills of their own speech when talking in the real world.

2. We use innovative technology, which provides immediate feedback of a person’s speaking rate as they are talking. This is just like a digital speedometer in a car, but instead of driving speed, you see your speed for talking. Most know that slowing speech down will improve fluency, but this tool allows individuals to know exactly how fast or slow they are speaking.

3. Since we are able to determine the exact speed a person is speaking, we can determine a range of speeds that work perfectly for each individual. This range of speeds is called My Speech©, because the speed range is developed and individualized for each person. The fastest speed that a person can speak and still consistently maintain 99% fluency or better is called their optimum speaking rate. We collaborate with our clients to develop three to six different speeds that all sound completely normal and allow them to maintain 99% fluency across all settings, conversational partners, and emotions.

4. We use modern technology like smart phones, Google Spreadsheet, Google Voice, video conferencing, e-mail reminders, and electronic reminders to enhance the stuttering therapy process and transfer fluency skills into everyday speech.

5. When clients come to a specialty clinic like Stuttering Pros, they usually have undergone years of unsuccessful stuttering therapy in the past. Most of them have developed fluent speech in a therapy room, but were never able to transfer their fluency into the real world. Transferring fluent speech into everyday speaking is our specialty. We developed an elaborate hierarchy and system for challenging and transferring fluent speech into everyday speech, which has proven to be effective even for individuals with a long history of unsuccessful stuttering therapy.

If you would like to learn more about the stuttering therapy offered at Stuttering Pros, please contact us today.