How to Stop Stuttering?

Yes, you can Stop Stuttering !

Many wonder if they can learn how to stop stuttering on their own. There are numerous websites, some support groups, and a few books that offer stuttering help to those trying to learn how to overcome stuttering. The Stuttering Foundation of America is a leading organization in the U.S. for stuttering help. On their website, you can find numerous resources and stuttering tips for individuals who want to use self-help methods for overcoming stuttering. The top five list of tips to stop stuttering our clinic offers to those interested in self-help are the following.

  1. Identify and eliminate the gestures, facial changes, and body movements you exhibit when stuttering because none of these behaviors are stuttering solutions.
  2. Know that your rhythm for breathing and talking is one of the primary problems, so practice breathing and speaking with a consistent predictable pattern.
  3. When you start to talk, speak on your exhalation gently and smoothly without forcing your voice to start.
  4. Control your speaking rate by using a maximum of fifteen words per phrase and by elongating or stretching your vowel sounds.
  5. Maintain the vibration of your voice throughout each 3-15 word phrase, stop speaking, take a typical breath, and start the process all over again for the next phrase.

Finally, please know that your emotions do not cause stuttering, they only make your speech worse as your emotions get higher. Most people have a bad habit of speaking faster as their emotions go up and they do not know how to control stuttering by using stuttering tip number four above to slow down their speech as their emotions rise. Slowing your speech down alone will not stop stuttering, but decreasing your speaking rate along with the other four stuttering tips listed above will really help.

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