Stuttering Therapy ChicagoPrivate one-on-one stuttering therapy is available for adolescents and adults at Stuttering Pros. Finding speech therapy for stuttering adults or more politely stated, adults who stutter, is difficult. Locating a qualified and seasoned speech-language pathologist specializing in stuttering speech therapy is difficult because the prevalence of stuttering is still just under one percent in the population at large (.73% according to Craig et al., 2002) and many universities de-emphasize academic and clinical training in fluency disorders for students studying to become speech-language pathologists.

The stuttering therapy techniques and stuttering therapy activities are designed specifically for adolescents and adults at our private clinic, Stuttering Pros. We use a combination of the most beneficial techniques from the two most accepted and internationally adopted approaches. Aspects of both the Fluency Shaping and Stuttering Modification stuttering therapy techniques are used in our private stuttering therapy therapy

In addition to the best internationally adopted stuttering therapy techniques, we also offer unique strategies that have proven to be very effective in reducing or nearly eliminating stuttering. The use of multi-modality teaching/learning, especially kinesthetic learning and innovative technology for speaking rate feedback are two examples of how stuttering speech therapy at Stuttering Pros is revolutionary.

Stuttering Therapy in ChicagoMost importantly, our ultimate focus is the transfer of fluency skills outside our private clinic. Most of our clients have had a long history of ineffective stuttering therapy. There are a variety of reasons why the stuttering speech therapy did not work in the past. The number one reason reported by our clients was that the stuttering therapy activities did not include an opportunity and a method for the stuttering therapy techniques to be transferred outside of the private office and into real world speaking situations. At Stuttering Pros, we utilize a comprehensive, but individualized approach. Stuttering therapy activities for transferring fluency outside our private offices is our specialty. Speech therapy for stuttering adults and adolescents is never complete until the fluency skills can be transferred outside of the therapy office. We strive for 99% fluency anywhere, anytime, with anyone.

To learn more about the first step, read our stuttering evaluation page.