Stuttering Consultation

Regardless of whether you are interested in accessing stuttering help from a certified and licensed therapist or are interested in self-help, the consultation session at Stuttering Pros will save you countless hours of research. These fifty-minute consultation sessions are designed to answer your individual questions about the cause and types of fluency disorders as well as the stuttering help available at our clinic, locally, and around the world. (more)

Stuttering Evaluation

We offer a comprehensive stuttering evaluation, which will determine if your speech disfluencies are the type and the frequency to be considered a fluency disorder. Clients are encouraged to bring loved ones with them to the stuttering assessment. (more)

Stuttering Therapy

Private one-on-one stuttering therapy is available for adolescents and adults at Stuttering Pros in our Chicago Offices. The stuttering therapy techniques and stuttering therapy activities are designed specifically for adolescents and adults at our private clinic, Stuttering Pros. We use a combination of the most beneficial techniques from the two most accepted and internationally adopted approaches. (more)