Stuttering Help ConsultationIf you are in need of stuttering help and you are not sure where to turn for answers, please consider scheduling a consultation session at Stuttering Pros. These fifty-minute sessions have a cost of $120. Consultations are designed to answer your individual questions about the cause and types of fluency disorders as well as the stuttering help available at our clinic, locally, and around the world.

Our director, John Atchley, conducts all of the consultations for those in need of stuttering help. As a certified and licensed speech-language pathologist, Mr. Atchley has nearly two decades of experience specializing in fluency disorders. He also maintains an ongoing membership with the International Fluency Association (IFA), which prepares him to answer your questions related to the history of fluency disorders, the current international research, and the most successful methodologies being used for stuttering help.

Regardless of whether you are interested in accessing stuttering help from a certified and licensed therapist or are interested in self-help, the consultation session at Stuttering Pros will save you countless hours of research and provide you an insider’s perspective on organizations like the Stuttering Foundation of America, National Stuttering Association, and the International Stuttering Association.

To schedule a consultation now, visit our contact page or learn more about stuttering therapy in Chicago.